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                 MINING TODAY -

              MINING WEEKLY -  Americas edition

    MINING NEWS TODAY - Breaking News - Gold News

   MINING TECHNOLOGY -  Website for the mining industry. Current projects, equip & services guide,

                                                     events listing, associations directory, & other minerals eng resources

            MINING JOURNAL - Information portal - access to mining industry info, including publishers

MINING INDUST. TODAY -  Updated 24/7

          -  News and commentary from around the globe





                BEFORE IT'S NEWS - really has the pulse beat of the world today - including all health

                                                  related subjects

GODLIKE PRODUCTIONS -  all sorts of current TRUTHFUL news

                         INFO WARS -  TRUE NEWS - no matter how controvercial - Alex Jones

              DRUDGE REPORT Political up-to-date news you WON'T find on main stream 

                                      state- controled) media... and on a host of other subjects

                      ZERO HEDGE -   Politics, world news, financial, and so much more... TRUTHFULLY

                            POLITICO - Controvercial news

  THE HUFFINGTON POST - a cross between the left-wing "controlled" media and the REAL

                UK TELEGRAPH -  Current Events - real good

                     RUMOR MILL - READING ROOM - all kinds of news  -  the good, bad, and the ugly

                THE DAILY MAIL - Current Odds and Ends of Celebrities/Politicians/Sports/Military

                                     /Spiritual characters

                                REDDIT - All the latest NEWS...

                     DISCLOSE TV -  Conspiracy theories, wierd news, & videos from around the world

          WHATDOESITMEAN -  U.S. and world news TRUTHFUL presentation of the news

   YOUR NEWS WIRE - All sorts of news items not ordinarily reported

           THE BLACK VAULT - Really hard to get infoabout our world

                         FUTURISM - News, science, and more on the cutting edge..(GOOD)

            GOVBANKNOTES - Wordpress -Current articles of interest

                FEDERALJACK -  All sorts of news you WON't

         THE DAILY BEAST -  Wow.. all types of controversial news

          ANNA VON REITZ -  Constitutionalist - news - updates on New Republic


                          SNOPES - the definitive fact-checking and Internet reference source for

                                       urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformatio

                     AL JAZERA -  "the island" Arabic independent news network

  WHITE HATS REPORT -  All the good stuff that ISN'T reported in the MSM...




                         JIM STONE - Best free-lance journalist in the world !

       BENJAMIN FULFORD - Extraordinary intel on what's REALLY going on in the world

             BREITBART NEWS - Andrew Breitbart & Tom Clancy were ASSINATED MArch 1, 2012

                                      to bring you TRUTHFUL NEWS........  foreign and domestic


            VETERANS TODAY -  Really up to date news - (and has been shut down by gov't black-

                                      ops  numerous times)

      THE WATCHER FILES - Extraordinary TRUTHFUL New World Order Info

            MAINE REPUBLIC -  Very alternate news and resources

CONSERVATIVE TRIBUNE - Conservative's viewpoint of the news (CHRISTIAN)

   STATE of THE NATION -  Really good political anw world view articles

STATE of the NATION NEWS - Very political - very informative - very truthful

    NEXT NEWS NETWORK - YouTUBE latest conservative news videos / breaking news alerts

                     BALLOTpedia -  BEST political elections website - USA & world


WHAT REALLY HAPPENED - minute by minute  - day by day - month by month NEWSWORTHY

                                      EVENTS  either being kept UNREPORTED or PURPOSELY

                                      MISSTATED to the public (amazingly is translated into 20 different

                                      languages !!!)

    FUSION LACED NEWS -  Truthful alternate news

         NAKED CAPILALISM -  Keen insight and INTEl of behind-the-sceens politics/ world events

 THE MILLENIUM REPORT - The real story behind the news

         MIRROR SPECTRUM - Interesting broad spectrum of news

        BLACKLISTED NEWS - really  digs to the heart of the TRUTH in the news that most media

                                      don't want to report

                    WAKE UP KIWIExtraordinary TRUTHFUL news about all world affairs - financial -

                                      political - military (reveals the corruption and evil of ALL world

                                      governments and banking syystems)

                              YOUtube -  Limitless collection of videos on ANYTHING... from conspiracies to


                                SCOTT SIGNS OF THE TIMES - what's behind the REAL news

                                      NEWS - more peripheral

               FRONTPAGE Mag - Political insight - David Horowitz

                               SNOPES - NEWS - Is iit FAKE or REAL (in-depth full research for truth)

                   THE CONTRAIL -  Esoteric news

          THE STONE ZONE -  Current politics

       FREEDOMS PHOENIX -  America and world news

           FORBIDDEN NEWS -  All the news that you wouldn't ordinarily find

           USATWENTYFOUR -  current news / good site

NEIL KEENAN / GROUP K Ltd. - Global Monetary Accoun

   COVERT GEOPOLITICS - Just what the name says

   JOINT CHIEFS of STAFF - Gen. Joseph F Dunford, Jr. (Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff)


               NATURAL NEWS -  Absolutely THE place for TRUTHFUL, NATURAL, and CHEAPER

                                     remedies for sickness

   JB BARDOT ARCHIVES - Great Health remedies

Church of the NABUS RADIO



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X22Report (YOUtube)

OTHER WEBSITES of GREAT INTEREST                                                                                                                           ASENCION WITH EARTH




                              NESARA -  (National Economic Security and Recovery Act) - monetary reform proposal to include;

                                                   replacing the income tax with a national sales tax (fair tax), abolishing compound

                                                   interest on secured loans, and returning to a bi-metallic currency which would result

                                                   in 0% inflation and a more stable economy.



                                      THE SOVEREIGN CONTINENTAL STATES OF AMERICA

                                                               Please read first... for a little background on the matter......

Adobe Acrobat document [9.4 KB]


WEBSITE  for   Judge Ana von Reitz  from Big Lake, Alaska

A brief history and the ongoing "sovereignty" usurpation of American naturally-born inhabitants












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