Our Experienced Staff

Dr. Robert Finch, PhD. / Physics


* OWNER / Majority stokholder of DRRF METALS, Inc.

* Physicist, chemist, refiner, minerologist, geological mining expert, certified

   quantitative analyist of metals, rare earth compositions, and coatings

* Theoretician, martial arts - weapons - explosives expert

* Inventor/ Simplifier of novel physical, chemical, and gaseous applications

* Bondable financial DESIGNATED AGENT  for the monetization of gold,

   other precious metals, gems, mines, ores, minerals, gas, and oil platforms

                                         and respective transferences.


Mark Bernay, GC/GEC


* California Licensed General Engineering & Construction Contractor (since 1980)

* Licensed Master Electrician (50 yrs experience)

* Chief Operating Officer / responsible for day to day operations

* Consultant - design/build specifications for mining projects and/or processing


* Computer/Network Technician (20 yrs experience)


Dr. Raj S. Vyas, PhD. / Physics  -  Mumbai, India

* Nuclear & Plasma Physicist

* Geophysical metals isotopes research

* Chaiman/CEO Strong Trend Holdings, Ltd, an international finance

   group based in Hong Kong, China.

Dr. G J Munn, PhD. / Physics


* Particle Physicist, geomagnetics, electrogravitics, inventor, theoretician

* Metals Consultant & Technical Advisor

* Inventor - (2) classified patents  ie. particle physics & electrogravitics

* Internet Information Specialist

* Graphics design expert / Webmaster

* Linguistics/Translations  and Copywriter



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