Dr. Finch  /  President - Mining, Ore Sampling, and Soil/Water Analysis Field Work, and Research & Development


Dr. Robert Finch, PhD. / physics, Owner of DRRF METALS, Inc. is rather a unique individual with extensive research laboratory experience, and holds degrees in various fields of science;



His discussions, theories, and findings, which have been featured in numerous technical scientific journals, are significant but not yet fully realized in the industry.  Indeed, the corporate world  is SLOW in change, especially when new concepts are introduced which go against the grain of  “normally accepted” science protocol.


His brilliance and theoretical views in physics, advanced chemistry, and mining methodologies confound his peers, and make for an interesting future to say the least.


Although these days, even with his extensive qualifications, Dr. Finch finds it more rewarding to work “hands-on” in the field, at his goldmine - FINCHmark GOLD MINE,  and in his refinery.  His revolutionary approach to mining and subsequent refining of metals – precious and rare earth – presents new challenges to the industry, which seem to be locked in their “old methods”.


Dr, Finch, a true patriot with military background and support for the Constitutional Republic of America, holds dear to American values and traditions, which he views to have been seriously eroded.  His desire is for returning America to its former great stature…. without the corruption… and with a greater intent for the “fair improvement of our society.


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Dr. G J Munn, PhD. / physics








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