Dr. Munn - Metallurgical Combinations, Coatings, and Plasmatic Benefication of Rare Earth Metals

Dr. Munn is an integral part of DRRF METALS. Inc, inasmuch as he has, among his many achievements, expertise in resonant transmutation alchemy and subatomic structures of metals. He continues to prove astonishing results in field detection, refining, and fine benefication of precious and rare-earth metals.


An accomplished phyicist in his own right, see GEOMAGNETICS, he assists Dr. Finch in field, refinery, and laboratory work of metals and their practical and exotic applications



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Few will listen to REAL TRUTH, that is, GOD's TRUTH, which encompasses all science, mathematics, astronomy, geography, biology, health, and languages.
Of the few who listen, ... fewer still will understand.
Intellectual assent does not mean believe.
Of the handful who believe, most may not know what to do.
For those who even know,...how many will actually utilize this perfect knowledge ?
As for the rare ones, ... who have grasped PERFECT TRUTH and have embraced it,

      Well, ..... they need not listen to your nonsense anymore.







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