Dr. Vyas -   Refinery  (Mumbai, India )

                   Precious & Rare Earth Metals Refinery

                   Nuclear & Plasmatic Geophysical Metals /

                             Ore Research


Dr. Raj Vyas, a long time member of the Mumba physics community, branched out indepentantly for specialized work in transmutations of metals and their salts. Working closely with Dr. Finch from afar hasn't interrupted his work, but rather has afforded him the opportunity to develop further permutations of his assigned work under obviously less restricted envivonmental conditions/disposals.


Plasmatic metalurgy and chemical research relating to precious and rare-earth metals are of paramount importance to his expositioning of ionic-bonding PUSH ~ NO-PUSH postulates. Recent developments in nano-technology and "organic" aqua regia reductions utilizing nano-dendrites reagents are being investigated and applied in his highly specialized work.



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