Mark Bernay, GC/GEC  /  Contractor - Consultant - Administrator for all mining, refinery, shipping, financial, and general operations of DRRF METALS, Inc.


Mark Bernay is the Chief Operating Officer for the company. He is responsible for the day to day

operations including assay reports, contracts, financial reports, maintenance of our facilities,

shipping of ore to the testing lab, etc.


He is also a General Engineering, General Construction and Electrical contractor with over 50

years in the construction industry and earth moving with emphasis on the mining industry. With

his construction experience he is responsible for the design/build specifications of mining site

layouts and operations and for the design with Dr. Finch of processing facilities.

He has worked with Dr. Finch for over 30 years and agrees with many of Dr. Finch’s ideals

including support for the Constitutional Republic of America. He sees the need for change in this

world is paramount. Humanitarian projects are needed to clean up this country and help the



We provide full project capabilities to the mining and minerals industries. Adding value at every

step, we work with our clients on project planning, feasibility/studies, engineering, procurement,

construction, construction management, implementation, operations, decommissioning and

closure, and mine infrastructure requirements.


Each project has its own unique set of challenges, whether it requires significant skilled con-

struction resources, innovative materials handling and procurement strategies, or creative thinking

around environmental management and sustainability requirements. DRRF Metals Inc. is always

looking for ways to help its clients grow, expand, and innovate.


DRRF Metals, Inc. delivers complete ore processing facilities, for precious metals projects in-

cluding gold, silver, platinum, and rare-earth metals across a wide range of plant capacities and

metal production rates.


Whether clients need help to assess the feasibility of a project, gain environmental approvals,

design and manage the construction of the materials handling system, or close a mine,

DRRF Metals, Inc. is able to assist. In terms of processing plants, we can assist with a modular

design solution, novel sustainable design improvements, or a sound procurement strategy.



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